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Hey awesome mama! I am launching my first Smart Mommy "Founding Members Circle" and would love for you to join me. We are only opening the opportunity to 100 powerful mothers to take part in our founding members circle. Our community consist of powerful entrepuners, executives and business owners. Send me your email, name and city so I can get you the details on how to become a founding member of our community.

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    "Get ready to take your life, business and finances to the next level when you learn how to shift your dreams into obtainable actions with Neferteri and Smart Mommy."

    Jen D.

    Los Angeles, CA

    What you get:

    • Massive resources
    • How to secure the bag
    • Get your familiy time back
    • Mommy money must haves
    • Financial breakthrough
    • Get this money insight
    • And much more...

    What is it all about?

    Smart Mommy is all about helping moms take their life, family and business to the next level.

    Never feel stuck again, never feel lost and never feel like your not in the know when it come to the foundation of your life.

    The Smart Mommy serries will blow the lid off of your life getting you the business, money, family and life that you deserve. I'm talking freedom in every area of your life. What you need to know is that once you get this education know one will ever be able to take it from you.